When will I receive my order?
All our products are produced with a lot of care by our team in Nyon in the canton of Vaud. All labels are shipped with A-priority in A5 envelopes – so you won’t need to worry should you not be at home. The letters fit in your letterbox and will be waiting for you when you return. Your order should arrive 1 day after it has been shipped. All decoration products are shipped in strong A3 carton envelopes to make sure they arrive in perfect shape.
I didn’t receive my order. What can I do?
If your order does not arrive 10 business days after it has been shipped, please contact us via support@stickerkid.com. We will try to find the best solution with you and the Swiss post.
What can I do if I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail?
At first we recommend you to check your spam folder. If you cannot find a confirmation e-mail, please log into your account on www.stickerkid.ch/ch_en to check your order status. In case your status is still ‘pending’ please send a message to support@stickerkid.com so we can find a quick solution together.
How do I apply my iron-on labels?
To make sure your iron-ons will last as long as possible, please follow the instructions:

permanent iron-ons (color)

  • Heat your iron - the temperature should be about 160 degrees (turn off the steam function!)
  • Place the labels on your clothes and put some baking paper between the iron and the sticker to protect your clothes
  • Press the iron against the sticker and the garment without moving the iron around (about 20 seconds)
  • Wait 48 hours before washing the clothes

removable iron-ons (black & white)

  • Heat your iron - the temperature should be about 180 degrees (turn off the steam function!)
  • Place the labels on your clothes and use some baking paper between the iron and the sticker
  • Press the iron against the sticker and the garment as hard as possible and do not move the iron around (about 30 seconds)
How do I remove the removable iron-on labels?
You can remove the label again if needed by slightly heating it up again with the iron, and gently pulling off the label.
How do I apply the peel & stick labels?
Stick the labels directly on the clothes’ label (e.g. washing instructions) and not directly on the clothes’ fabric. They stick best on satin/silk tags. Wait at least 24h, before washing the clothes. The stickers should only be used on clothes that can be washed up to 40°C. For more permanent labelling of for your children’s clothing we recommend our Iron-on labels. They take only 20 seconds to apply!
How do I place a door or wall sticker?
Before applying your door decals, clean the surface you want to decorate. The surface should be clean, dry and free of grease or dust. Before transforming your door into an unique kid’s room entrance start by thinking how you want to place your stickers. Don’t worry if it is not perfect the first time - our door stickers can be removed without trace and replaced on a new location. They stick again and again. Peel the sticker carefully from the paper and place it on your door. Make sure there are no air bubbles. Use a cloth or the inside of your hand to gently sweep from the inside out through the door sticker. Our labels are printed on high-quality material that resembles fabric it can happen that it loses fibers and that you have to cut them with scissors.
How do I remove a door or wall sticker?
Lift a corner of the sticker and then gently peel it from the surface. Our door stickers should not damage your walls or doors; nevertheless peel them off slowly and gently. Stick them back to the paper the door stickers were originally placed on. Whenever you like to use the labels again, stick them on your doors and walls again.
Can I use different names on one sticker sheet (i.e. split 60 small labels in 2 x 30)?
Unfortunately we cannot use different names or customization on one sheet, however, if you order a value pack, you can of course customize each sticker type differently.
The website indicates that my personalization is empty. What can I do?
Have you ensured that you personalized every field of your order? If so, please try again using a different browser on your computer or a tablet/ mobile phone.
Can I also place an order for my school or kindergarden?
Of course. We have a special program for schools and day-cares – please be in touch at support@stickerkid.com so we can find the best offering for you.
Would you have a catalogue you could send us?
Please be in touch via support@stickerkid.com and we happily provide you with more information and the required materials.

Do you have any other query?
In case you could not find the answer you were searching for, please be in touch at support@stickerkid.com

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