Wrap Snack - or: fresh air in the lunch box

Wrap Snack - or: fresh air in the lunch box

Our children are constantly under pressure at school (and also in kindergarten) - it is logical that they should recuperate the energy they have used during their lunch break. With healthy, tasty snacks that can also be prepared quickly! Not so easy when you have to think about what to put in the lunch box with one leg still in bed in the morning...

So that you don't run out of ideas, we've come up with a delicious recipe, with which you can also make use of the leftovers from dinner.

No matter if fish sticks or sausages: Don’t stick them between two slices of bread for once, but roll them into tortillas! Add a few salad leaves and cucumbers or carrots cut into strips and you have a fabulous wrap snack that your kids will love - and you'll be rewarded with empty lunch boxes! ☺

For our Mini-Wraps you will need:

• Fish sticks (ideally left over from dinner)

• salad leaves

• Ketchup, sandwich sauce (or e.g. cream cheese, or something else that your children like and makes the wraps juicy)

• Tortilla Wraps

• Chives in long stalks (optional)

Cut the tortillas in half and add a dash of ketchup and sandwich sauce in the middle. Cover your work with lettuce leaves and one fish stick each, roll up the wraps and tie them up with a long string of chives. That's it!

By the way: if you give your creation a creative name, you have a good chance that the content of the break box will be watched with even more interest. How about "pirate breakfast" or "sea bear box"?

What are the lunch break highlights of your children? We are curious!

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