Bubble pictures against the winter blues

Bubble pictures against the winter blues

When it is stormy and snowy outside, when muddy boots drip off in the wardrobe and everyone is waiting for spring to finally arrive, one thing above all helps: lots of colour! Prepare everything for a fun, colourful afternoon with your children - they'll look the other way when they discover what crazy ingredient they're working with today!

(But please only do this DIY with older children who already understand that it is not allowed to drink the liquid!).

That's what you need:

• soap bubbles or dishwashing liquid

• food colours

• white and / or transparent paper

• straws (Pro tip: use our small name labels to avoid confusion!)

• paper cups

• a whipeable surface

• an old shirt as a painter's coat

Cover your workplace well and put on a painter's coat for your children, because the bursting soap bubbles can become colorful freckles... ;-)

Now your children can mix a few drops of food colouring with the soap bubble liquid and the DIY can start!

There are two techniques here:

• Single soap bubbles are carefully blown out of the straw just above the paper so that they immediately burst on the paper and form a ring pattern. Let your children try it out for themselves: What happens if I put several bubble rings on the paper? What effects do I get if I put different colours on top of each other?

• A small foam mountain is blubbered carefully (!) in the cup. If you now put the paper on slowly from above, you get a great pattern with many small fields.

The results are beautiful, colorful pictures. When everything is dry, you can use the artwork as decoration or as wrapping paper. Have fun trying it out!

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